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Here at ToasterNet (toastr.com) I shamelessly offer the wit, wisdom and photographs of the ages. At least, of my age, which is just a brief flash of existence in the grand scheme of things. Or a very long time, if viewed by the very young or even near young.

I carry my camera with me every day and love to take pictures of the world around me; whether in 'all her glory' is evident or not. There is glory in the grimy parts, if the eye of the beholder wants to find it there. Below are photos and slideshows that I've taken here and there.

Random PhoToast


Julia & Kevin -June 26th, 2010 at the Chapin's

The Wizard of Oz -Springfield High School 2010

Dillons & Friends, July 2010


Eagles - Bucs, October 2009


School of Rock - May 2008


Steve & Mae, Annapolis, June 17th, 2006



L'Etage Mischief - October 2008

The Battle of Germantown - October 2010

Wisdom not included.

Wit in short supply.

Come again!

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